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Women Development Cell [WDC]

Activities of Women Development Cell were carried out broadly under two categories viz. skill development / capacity building trainings and formation of new loan/deposit scheme exclusively for women customers.

A list of activities carried out are shown below:-

Schemes formulated
Loan Scheme Deposit Scheme
1 ‘Vanithamithra’ – MTNA loan up to Rs.10,000/- for womencustomers for self employment / personal purpose on the personal surety of two customers 1 ‘Vanithanidhi’ - Exclusively for women aiming to create savings habit among them and to reserve fund for a particular purpose in future such as education of children, marriage of daughters etc. The scheme bears 0.50% additional interest over and above the actual rate of interest on deposits. Women on their own capacity and parents on behalf of their minor daughters can join in this scheme.
2 ‘Sumangali’ – MTNA loan up to Rs. 25,000/- to widows for the purpose of giving in marriage of their daughter on the personal surety of two customers.

Skill Development / Capacity Building Programmes conducted

No. Name of training
1 Meeting of Rural Women for Creation of Awareness on Banking and Women Customer Meet
2 Women Customers Meet- Introduction of ‘Vanithamithra’ Loan Scheme
3 Training Programme on Microfinance and Gender Sensitization to the Officers of the Kasaragod DCB
4 Women Customer Meet and Awareness Campaign
5 Women Customers Meet - Awareness campaign for women of weaker sections
6 Meeting of Rural Women for creating of awareness on Banking and Women Customers Meet
7 Women Customers Meet
8 “Workshop on Economic Empowerment of Women through skills and livelihood Development”
9 Celebrated International Women’s Day by honouring outstanding women entrepreneurs of Kasaragod District
10 Inauguration of Vanithanidhi Deposit Scheme
11 Workshop on skill upgradation and capacity building of women entrepreneurs jointly with Perla SCB
12 Meeting of rural women for creation of awareness on banking cum women customer meet
13 Training on SHG Bank Linkage Programme
14 Training on Capacity building for financial inclusion
15 Training on Recovery and NPA Management
16 Workshop on skill upgradation and capacity building of women entrepreneurs
17 Workshop on ‘Developing Entrepreneurship among women and gender issued in banking for the Directors and Secretaries of Women Co-op.Societies
18 Celebrated International Women’s Day by honouring outstanding women entrepreneur of Kasaragod District
19 Skill up gradation and capacity building training to women -Training on fruits and vegetable processing
20 Workshop on JLGs for the officers of the KDC Bank focusing on promotion and linkage of JLGs, up scaling, financing JLGS through formal banking system etc.

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