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PACS Development Cell [PDC]

PACS being the foundation of three tier co-operative banking system, it is necessary to maintain the turgidity of PACS by providing support in all areas of their banking and non-credit activities. With this in view;Bank had set up PDC with the technical and financial support of NABARD. Main role of PDC is to undertake capacity building and strengthening of PACS through training, hand holding, guiding, exposure visits and other suitable interventions so that their agencies can deliver financial and non-financial services in an efficient and viable manner to their members. The focus is on business planning, resource planning, development of non-financial services, designing system and procedure, liaising with DCB and documentation of best practices.

Activities to PDC are coordinated by two resource persons hired from open market with required qualifications. Support services required for Resource Persons are provided by Kasaragod District Co-operative Bank Ltd. PDC is managed by Kasaragod District Co-operative Bank Ltd.

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