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Our Deposit Products

Savings Bank Account

Enables to keep the money safely. In spite of the frequency in transaction it earns interest also. While opening account, customer has to furnish personal details as per KYC norms.

Savings Bank Account (No frills)

Savings Bank account that can be opened with zero balance by individuals.

Current Account

Ideal for business persons, Companies, Associations, Firms, Institutions etc; Current account can be opened by individuals also.

Fixed deposit

Fixed deposit can be opened individually or jointly. Minimum days for fixed deposit is 15 days.

Akshaya Nidhi Deposit

The amount deposited under this scheme for a particular period grows constantly at compound interest calculated on quarterly basis. It is a cumulative deposit scheme ensuring more income.

Gramanidhi Deposit

This is to develop daily saving habit among people. Suitable for merchants and other daily earning people as the deposit is collected from them daily by the Gramanidhi collection agent and deposited to the concerned Bank branch.

Recurring Deposit

Monthly savings scheme for the public. Fixed amount starting from Rs.100/- can be saved monthly for a definite period. Accrued interest along with principal amount can be availed after the maturity period.

Vidyanidhi Deposit

This is to develop savings habit among school children. Students can save any amount weekly. Bank staff collects the amount from the students by visiting the school on a particular day every week.

Vanithanidhi Deposit

Special recurring deposit scheme for women customers of the Bank. Fixed amount starting from Rs.100/- can be saved monthly for a definite period. 0.5% interest over and above prevailing FD interest rate for the same period will be given in this scheme.