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Bank Profile

The Kasaragod District Cooperative Bank had started functioning from 1st October 1986 with its head office at Kasaragod extended by 7 branches catering to the credit need of the people in the District. Banking business was carried out by a total of 63 employees. At present when viewed in the limelight of Bank celebrating the silver jubilee year of establishment, we could see ourselves being well placed in a comfortable zone of competitive banking business world with an overall deposit of 1027 Cr. and a loan outstanding of 636 Cr. We could achieve this mainly because of the sincere and dedicated effort of 315 employees deployed in head office and 40 branches spread out in the District.

Head office of the Bank is functioning in the own building located at the mid town area of Kasaragod wherein Kasragod main and evening branches also carry out the business. Badiadka main and evening branches are also stationed in the own building whereas rest of the branches are functioning in rented buildings but equipped with all necessary infrastructure meant for easy banking.

Loan and deposit products of the Bank are dealt in detail in a separate chapter. Besides providing better credit and deposit facility to the beneficiaries; various developmental activities are also being taken up by the Bank aiming at overall improvement of the socio economic status of the customers.

Farmers’ Clubs are formed under potential branches with an intention of bridging the gap between the customers and Bank. Farmers’ Club functions as a voluntary agency and an extended arm of the Bank by way of providing a platform for the customers/Bank staff to discuss their issues regarding banking activities. Bank is implementing various agriculture projects through Farmers’ Clubs with prior sanction from NABARD. All the clubs are registered under NABARD and work as per the terms and guidelines issued by us and NABARD from time to time.

Joint Liability Groups formed by the Bank have started various agriculture and non agriculture micro enterprises. Farmers’ Club of the branch helps in ascertaining the credit need of the group and monitoring credit utilization and repayment campaign.

With an intention of providing financial literacy and credit counseling to the beneficiaries of the Bank, a credit counseling and livelihood promotion centre is functioning at the head office of the Bank. Credit counseling and various livelihood promotion trainings are given through the centre. The centre has been established with the financial support of NABARD.

PACS Development Cell [PDC] functioning at our Head Office with the support of NABARD aims at overall development of PACS affiliated to our Bank.

To summarize, we stand for catering the credit need of people of Kasaragod District with simple and liberalized formalities for availing our loan and deposit products. Also campaign on credit utilization, conducting sensitization programmes on various banking schemes etc: are being carried out on a timely basis which makes us to proudly declare that we, the Kasaragod District Cooperative Bank is the District’s own Bank.